Tracks: FEWS - Seasick

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Following returning track "The Zoo", Sweden via America FEWS unveil latest track, "Seasick".


Instrumentally, "Seasick" sees a far more happy-go-lucky approach and output from FEWS. This is opposed to previous track "The Zoo", which has a brilliant air of menace about it. If both tracks we're to represent the seasons, "The Zoo" would be winter and "Seasick" would be, yeah you guessed it, the summer. It's light, airy and in some aspects quite joyous - especially when you disregard the, at times, melancholic vocals.

Most people are already claiming that dream-pop has had its day, but we all know it's never the case that a single genre or styling has had its day - it's more that styling needs tweaking and refreshing in order to stay interesting and relevant and guess what - that's what FEWS have done thus far.