Tracks: Street Gnar - Dream (It'll All Work Out)

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Stream Street Gnar's "Dream" (It'll All Work Out), from upcoming LP Blue Healer

Since the last (and very impressive, may we add) time we wrote about Street Gnar, the Kentucky outfit have been busy with a flurry of releases on their Bandcamp. They've recently been teasing a new track or two from their upcoming LP Blue Healer also.

 "Twenty Two, Twenty Two" was a slick, repetitive and carefree number, which showed of the bands knack for putting together a perfectly fetching song. "Dream...", however, takes its lead from a fluttering synth pattern, layered atmospherics and soothing yet rugged harmonies (yes, that is possible).

Blue Healer is released on August 1st, stayed tuned to their Facebook page for more details. Hear "Dream..." below.