Tracks: Playlounge - Handclap Cinema

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South London scuzz-rockers Playlounge release new track "Handclap Cinema" from Nai Harvest split 12", Flower.

Playlounge and Nai Harvest are gearing up to release Flower, a 12-inch split that will feature four tracks; an original from each band and cover of one of the other band's tracks.

"Handclap Cinema" is Playlounge's input. The track kicks off as a chord-driven, fuzzy aggressive foot-stomper before dropping into something sounding Drunken Butterfly-esque with mesmeric guitars that seemingly ease us out in a dream-like state. Playlounge are another two-piece who seem to posses the skill to sound absolutely massive without the help of any added members - very impressive.

Flower comes out August 4th and you can listen to "Handclap Cinema" below.