Tracks: Pale Seas - Wicked Dreams

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Ahead of their Places To Haunt EP release, Southampton's Pale Seas unveil "Wicked Dreams". 


I'd like to say don't ask us why we've neglected to feature Pale Seas till now, but to be quite frank, it's down to a mixture of our hatred of hype and a general dislike for their previous work - new track "Wicked Dreams" is so fucking brilliant though, all previous opinion has gone out the window, thank god for versatility and experimentation.

Personally (Phill) I've had a bit of a break over the last few weeks and in an effort to climb back on the proverbial horse, I turned to the best and most likely to prick my ears blog, Yvynyl and once again it hasn't disappointed, turning my attention back onto the Southampton lads. Wicked Dreams' delicate dream-pop harmonies border on orgasmic, especially through headphones and claims that all great music starts with a rock-solid drum beat are only strengthened by the track. They even throw in some Beach House-esque ooh's - majestic.

Grab a pre-order of the bands Places To Haunt EP which is set to ship on August 11th.