Tracks: Morrissey - The Bullfighter Dies

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Morrissey returns with a new album next month, hear the latest track "The Bullfighter Dies"

After releasing teaser spoken word clips over the entire course of June, Morrissey's 10th studio album - 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business' - is quickly approaching, and, if anything, you can't say that the run up hasn't been somewhat entertaining.

And so, with venue feuds, bogus Twitter accounts, brushes with Pamela Anderson (see below), issues with support acts and even more gig cancellations aside for just a moment - the latest song to emerge is "The Bullfighter Dies", which is a particularly concise, quick witted jolt of just what Moz can produce when pegged into a corner. Sure, the live version with added guitars trumps this here's accordion whaling cousin, but just let that slide for a second, OK?

Stream "The Bullfighter Dies" below, along with title track "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" (out July 14th, by the way), "Istanbul" & "Earth Is The Loneliest Planet".