Certified Debut: Movienite - Yippie!

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Gothenburg newcomers Movienite melt us with their gorgeous blend of shoegaze jangle-pop on ridiculously titled "Yippie!".


Not at all like their Gothenburg brothers and sisters, School - Movienite prove that the very best of grungy shoegaze wasn't lost on the departure of Daniel Blumberg from Yuck.

I'm not saying this is a copy of Yuck, because it's not and Movienite sound so intrinsically perfect that it wouldn't be fair to say that either - they just sound as awesome as Yuck did, prior to Blumberg's departure. "Yippie!" mixes melancholic and throaty vocals with rambunctious and seriously heavenly, distorted guitars. It's just brilliant, can't really say much more than that - lets hope they can build on it.