Introducing: Turks & Caicos - Shadows And Light/Nice 'n' Slow

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Chad Valley & Jonquil's Hugo Manuel unveils another 'side-project' Turks & Caicos.


Never one to rest on his laurels, Oxford's busiest bringer of neo-balearia,  Hugo Manuel has unveiled a collection of tracks on Soundcloud from his new side-project Turks & Caicos.

There's definitely no one stand-out track, but I'd say there's two that shine a little bit brighter than the rest and they're "Shadows And Light" and "Nice 'n' Slow". The sound on this new Turks & Caicos project isn't exactly a million miles away from Chad Valley, but it certainly pushes the boundaries of 80s pop, Balearic style.

Hugo's soundtracked many of our summers over the last few years and it looks to continue with Turks & Caicos - watch this space. Head over to Soundcloud to hear the full shebang but below we've chosen our favourites: