Tracks: Rush Midnight - Fix Me Up

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Rush Midnight's back with latest indie disco gem "Fix Me Up" from upcoming self-titled debut LP. 


It's no real surprise how much Russ Manning's Rush Midnight sounds almost identical to pre-Confess Twin Shadow. We're not hating on George Lewis Jr here, but considering how different Twin Shadows latest music is, it's obvious that element of Twin Shadow departed when Russ did. Needless to say, we're glad that sound is living on in Rush Midnight.

"Fix Me Up" is a tad more slow burner than previous efforts but it still possess that intrinsic and effortlessly cool, new wave jazz vibe. Having not seen Russ play live yet, I wonder if his set gets beefed up like Twin Shadow's did, with everyone in the building moving around like it's an 80's dancefloor - hope so.

Rush Midnight's debut self-titled LP is set for release on May 27th through Last Gang Records and was featured in our recent feature, 'Anticipated Spring LPs'. Grab a pre-order here.