Video: Mac DeMarco - Passing Out The Pieces

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Mac Demarco unveils his first video proper for "Passing Out The Pieces" from this years brilliant new LP Salad Days.


Here's what we had to say about "Passing Out The Pieces" when it hit the net earlier in the year:

""Passing Out Pieces" isn't what you were probably expecting from the first track on Maccy's new album, Salad Days. For starters (pardon the pun) it's showing some tiny signs of a mature side. But this is Mac Demarco we're talking about and anyone fearing he's gone all sensible on us shouldn't be worrying just yet.
"Passing Out Pieces" is an excellent return for Mac Demarco; his croon's still in full flow, his drums are still as spazzy as ever and I can even see him on stage, bobbing away to this fella. "Passing Out Pieces" is a wonderfully serene slice of.."(Read More)

As a word of warning, this video is kinda NSFW but then again kiiinda is safe. Grab a copy of Salad Days here.