Introducing: Sam Airey - Station Approach

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Leeds/North Wales' Sam Airey unveils latest track "Station Approach".


Airey makes a find of earthy folk, but having said that if your folk music doesn't sound earthy then you should probably give up. Vocally reminiscent of Frightened Rabbit's Scott Hutchinson, rich and earthy like a walking talking root veg. "Station Approach" is a staunch slow burner that builds to a climactic finish of crashing percussion and resonant guitars - demand more from your folk, ditch all that watered down drivel you've been listening to and get a load of Sam Airey.

Sam's been tipped by Huw Stevens, Sean Adams (Drowned In Sound), DIY, Clash, Bethan Elfyn (female Huw Stevens), Tom Robinson (6 Music's New Music Maestro) and For Folks Sake - what more do you need? - but rather than taking the word of a load of people you've never met, just listen and decide for yourself.