Tracks: Happyness - Leave The Party

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In prep of their debut LP, Weird Little Birthday, London's Happyness unveil latest track, "Leave The Party".


It's been a bit since we first brought you "It's On You" but the London three piece of Happyness are back and they're now readying the release of the debut full length Weird Little Birthday, which looks set to feature this beauty - "Leave The Party".

In a similar fashion and once again in a nod to some of the best music heard in the 90s, Happyness prove once again that, if anyone's to carry the torch for 90s indie into 2014, it's them. "Leave The Party" floats along at a care-free pace, hiding it's pretty random arse lyrics - have a listen for yourself and see what we mean.

Weird Little Birthday is set for release on June 16th - grab a pre-order here.