Tracks: CATWALK - Seven Days/Expel Me (Demos)

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Californian Nick Hessler's CATWALK unveil two new demos; "Seven Days" & "Expel Me".


It's been over three years since we last brought anything from Catwalk, not to say music hasn't been gracing the bands Soundcloud, but these latest two tracks are extra special.

"Seven Days" is a light a breezy summer number, full of the joys of spring and those jangle-pop guitars sound cleaner than ever before, they're delectable. "Expel Me" is a bit more of a punchy garage-pop number, similar to the vibe that knocked us for six on "(Please) Don't Break Me", only without the lo-fi summer haze.

Demo or no demo, these tracks are solid whatever you want to call them - listen to both below.