Video/Tracks: Wild Beasts - A Simple Beautiful Truth

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Wild Beasts' Present Tense has been out a bit now but they show no sign of slowing with new video for "A Simple Beautiful Truth".


The band pay homage to Talking Heads in their video for latest single and second to come from Present Tense - "A Simple Beautiful Truth".

Wild Beasts said of the clip:
"We were inspired enough by the absurdist approach taken by Talking Heads to don electric suits and dance in the ether on the top of a Beacons mountain. We wanted to capture the weightlessness of a song like “A Simple Beautiful Truth,” to attempt something so ridiculous as to be sublime. The experience was strangely liberating and we asked ourselves why we hadn’t done this before."
Watch the video below and grab a copy of Present Tense, or in fact the single "A Simple Beautiful Truth", here.