Video: Rad Frü - Tempting Meat

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Those crazy Rad Frü bros unveil the new video for one of our favourite debut tracks last year - "Tempting Meat".


See what we had to say about "Tempting Meat" back in December.

"Everyone likes a change up once in a while - a bit of musical feng shui if you will - and Rad Frü are the dudes bringing it. We've been tremendously tardy of late and it's no doubt going to continue into the new year. But make no mistake, along with Rad Frü we're looking to ensue an all-out blog onslaught come 2014. 
"Tempting Meat" in the same vein as it's b-side "Metal Bar", breathes life into our wilting UK music scene. We're drowning in a sea of singer/songwriters and twee folk...(read more)

Watch the fairly mental and pretty much expected video for "Tempting Meat" below...