Tracks: Ryan Needham (Menace Beach) - Milk (Demo)

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When Menace Beach vocalist Ryan Needham is churning out demos like "Milk", we can't wait for some official "band stuff."


First off, this is strictly a demo recorded by Menace Beach vocalist Ryan Needham - it's not a Menace Beach track, although it's on their Soundcloud account.

Needham posted to Menace Beach's twitter, stating he'd had a 13 track recording binge on his lonesome and that he'd come up with some pretty cool stuff. Of the 13 tracks was "Milk", which won't end up Menace Beach material. Keep an eye out for a demo sounding like "£1 Prince."

As far as demos go "Milk" sounds pretty awesome to me and it is after-all only a demo, so why would you expect anything more?

Cap tip to Shiny Shiny New.