Tracks: Lykke Li - Gunshot

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Lykke Li unveils "Gunshot" from I Never Learn and it's probably her most 'commercial' track to date.


Having already given us a snippet of title track, "I Never Learn", the barren "Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone" and the potent "No Rest For The Wicked", Lykke Li has now unveiled another altogether different beast in "Gunshot".

This latest track's possibly the straightest cut Lykke Li track we've heard to date, shooting straight down the line utilising key changes and generally not doing much more than that, you know - radio friendly. Li still manages to pour enough emotion in their for it to be saved though.

We thought we'd hear at least one more track before the album stream, and here we have it. Who knows, maybe there won't be a stream...