Tracks: Chance The Rapper - The Writer

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Chicago hip hop artist, Chance The Rapper drops "The Writer" in the wake of a flurry of new tracks hitting the internet.


So far, 2014 has been kind to Chance The Rapper. His popularity hit an all-time high on the back of a collaboration with Justin Bieber, and now the new material is sounding on point too.

"The Writer" seems to signal a slightly different direction for the 20-year-old. It's reasonably clean-cut with a piano-led, catchy beat and no where near as choppy as something from last year's Acid Rap. Still though, Chance's flow is unmistakable giving him freedom to mix it up however he likes without ever being at risk of losing any identity. 

We've heard that the track shows up as a bonus track on Chicago production collective THEMpeople's Smoke Breaks - hear it for yourself below.