Introducing: Weak Nerves - Bedroom Rot

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London slacker-rocker's Weak Nerves unveil "Bedroom Rot" as part of a two-track release.


When it comes to slacker rock, London trio Weak Nerves might just have the catchiest sound in the game - "Bedroom Rot" will vouch for that.

"Bedroom Rot" incorporates reverb heavy, familiar sounding, lazy lo-fi vocals, while still thumping on with thunderous percussion and grungy, Nirvana-esque chord progression. Although Weak Nerves aren't doing anything groundbreaking with "Bedroom Rot", but they do it remarkably well and nowadays, their stuff is up there with the best around. 

"Bedroom Rot" was released last year alongside other track, "Cheapskates" - hear and buy both here.