CT14 #6: Slows Down - The Way Down Leering

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London's Slows Down aka Alexander Hawthorne makes cathartic, melancholy drenched chamber pop - sound good?


I'd like to say bursting onto the scene, but I think seeping onto the scene befits Slows Down and his first two tracks far better - my lord, he's squeezed a lot of styles into that one basket.

First off, there's "The Way Down Leering" - a psychedelic droning number. It's dark, menacing, packed full of emotion and manages to form a solid from one part psych, one part dream-pop and the final part drone-wave. It's a delight to hear something new, packing so many techniques together (albeit seven minutes plus) and managing to still sound minimal and elegantly sparse.

Now comes "On The Street" - a melancholic hypnosis of painstaking beauty. The track weeps from start to finish and manages to conjure some next level, swirling soundscapes. This is all from just one man, lets not forget that...

You can hear both tracks below and we'll most certainly be keeping you posted on any future Slows Down developments.