Introducing: Sharesprings - Maydear

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Insane new music coming out of Jakarta today with Sharesprings' latest track, "Maydear".


It's always great to hear this kind of quality coming from different places around the world and, let's be honest, you didn't expect to hear shoegaze romanticism coming out Jakarta now, did you.

I'd love to detail Sharesprings a bit more - which, from the image, looks like a trio - but there's little to nothing out there but one previous release on HeyHo! Records. Although they still have a brutal Myspace page, their tracks dating back to 2008 are all shoegaze, demonstrating they haven't simply jumped on the bandwagon like most bands these days.

"Maydear" is a sold gold gem; filled with plenty of reverb, melancholy, jangle-pop guitars and one catchy-as-hell riff - the boy/girl vocals work incredibly well too. The track's available as part of a split single with The Wellington - or should I say, was available. At least you can stream below.