Tracks: La Sera - Losing To The Dark (Free Download)

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Former Vivian Girl, Katy Goodman's La Sera unveil "Losing To The Dark", the first track from See The Light follow-up, Hour of The Dawn.


Stepping into battle behind a shield of spine-tingling reverb and distortion, La Sera return with "Losing To The Dark".

The track doesn't stay with that outlook for long though, soon slipping into an accustomed stance of fuzzy garage-pop mixed with sweet as f**k melodies - there's show-off guitar-work in there too. It's becoming apparent to us that where Best Coast seem to fail, Goodman's found the key to success.

"Losing To The Dark" is set to feature on La Sera's upcoming LP, Hour of The Dawn out on Hardly Art, May 13th. Pre-order will be available soon, but for now you can grab a free download of "Losing To The Dark" via the player below.