Introducing: Ceremony - Until Forever / Let Me In

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Virginia's melodic noise-gazers Ceremony have unveiled "Until Forever" and "Let Me In" from their upcoming Birds EP.


If this doesn't wake you up this dreary Tuesday afternoon, it's obviously not your day. Ceremony have a new EP due out, with a TBC release date, but don't let that stop you enjoying first two tracks - "Until Forever" and "Let Me In".

Beyond the immense wall of noise, Ceremony don't half throw together a good melody. "Until Forever" is like getting the drill at the dentist, only to find their instruments are now made of sweets. Don't get me wrong, you're gonna have to adjust your brain-waves to take it in but once you do, the track's sun-kissed rock-and-roll shines through.

"Let Me In" is a slightly different kettle of fish. Taking on more of a shoegazing stance, the track mumbles it's way through a web of angsty, reverb heavy guitar drones. Don't expect to find light at the end of the tunnel though, this is a direct contrast to "Until Forever".

As we've already said, Ceremony's Birds EP has a TBC release date, so keep an eye on their Facebook for further details.