Tracks: SOHN - Artifice

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London via Vienna's SOHN announces debut album Tremors, unveils "Artifice".


Now all the dust seems to have settled around SOHN's release of "Artifice", his first track to come from debut LP Tremors, we can now post feeling largely and proudly unbiased. We loved early track "The Wheel" and with "Artifice" in comparison, SOHN's sound has progressed ten-fold.

In all honesty, if something's hyped we generally know it's going to turn out to be an absolute crock of shit and anyone reading this thinking otherwise, may as well revert to an NME subscription. Luckily for SOHN, he doesn't fall into that category and "Artifice" shows not only depth of character, but a depth of percussion too - layering it on nice 'n' thick like. The track demonstrates that not all "new" styles of music are sh*t, and our faith in the new skool has been restored - even if only a bit.

Tremors is out April 7th through the simply brilliant 4AD - grab a pre-order here.