Tracks: Nothing - Endlessly & Get Well

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Fresh from a mini Slowdive beef, Philly's Nothing unveil "Endlessly" & "Get Well" from upcoming Guilty Of Everything.


"Endlessly" and "Get Well" are now the third and fourth tracks to come from Nothing's upcoming Guilty of Everything LP out on Relapse Records - once again, they're brilliant.

First off, "Endlessly" is your typical reverb drenched shoegaze number, nothing more or less, but what Nothing have down to a fine art, is they can make even the most delicate and dreary numbers into a gruelling attack on the senses - even if it's your more sensitive ones. "Get Well" leaves the wall-of-sound behind for a bit, taking a far more musically upbeat and all-out rock stance, even if they're still all gazing at their shoes.

These latest two tracks put Guilty of Everything top of our list of anticipated albums this year, grab a pre-order over at Relapse.