Tracks: The Wytches - Gravedweller (Free Download)

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The Wytches sign to Heavenly Recordings & unveil new "Grave Dweller" single.

We're going to leave all the puns and tongue-in-cheek comments about Witches and Heaven - Brighton band The Wytches have a new track called "Gravedweller" and they've also signed a record deal with Heavenly Recordings.

Unsurprisingly, Heavenly boasts the likes of TOY and Temples - can you see the pattern that's occurring here. Let's not jump the gun though, The Wytches latest track "Gravedweller" is a psychedelic behemoth of angsty drones, wailing vocals and 100% raw energy - not quite the same as those aforementioned bands.

"Gravedweller" is available as a free download here, listen to that and a few others part of a free cassette they're putting out below.

Update: New Video