Introducing: Posse - Shut Up

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Seattle's always been good, Posse are just re-enforcing that in their own profoundly brilliant way...


For one thing, I can't believe no band has claimed the name 'Posse' until now (c'mon, really!?). But even more unfathomably, I can't quite believe that we haven't mentioned this Seattle trio until now (and on the brink of their new LP release too) with "Shut Up".

With familiarly fond slacker-like guitars that hold a lounging, romantic edge, "Shut Up" is absolutely devoid of clutter. Instead it is filled with organic space that breathes, dreams, fall downs and stands right back up on its tip-toes again. It's like a great culmination of all your favourite bands, here, together, now. This is 'classic' in the making. Believe.

The track is taken from their new LP Soft Opening. Buy it from BADH Records here.