Introducing: Dark Bells - In Head

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London via Australia's Dark Bells unveil "In Head" set for release on RIP Records.


I dare say Dark Bells would have featured earlier had it not been for University studies but forgetting that, the band have just unveiled "In Head" and it's a beauty.

The trio of Teneil Throssell, Ash Moss and Geno Carrapetta produce a beautiful meld of psychedelic blues and post-punk sounds. "In Head" has some spaced-out psych vibes, but doesn't generally possess the basic characteristics of psychedelia. Dark Bells' sound runs a lot deeper, incorporating blues and post-punk undertones that provide an extra dimension - giving tracks like "In Head" substance and depth. You can hear the Siouxsie influences a mile off, too.

"In Head" is set for release on RIP Records on April 14th - no pre-order on this one yet but you can check the bands tour dates here.