Introducing: CORNERS - Pressure

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LA's CORNERS unveil the new video for "Pressure" from their split cassette with Dirt Dress.

LA trio Corners make a kind of surf-pop, post-punk merger and "Pressure" is pretty much the perfect example of that.

The track features on a split cassette with fellow LA band Dirt Dress, out on Lollipop Records where they recently recorded a live session of "Pressure" and it's a must see. "Pressure" begins with a typical surf-style riff and continues in a driving manner throughout - it's so hard to turn your nose up at a track like this, because the fact it lacks originality pales into insignificance when you realise just how f**king catchy it is.

We're actually getting fed up of hearing all this rubbish about music lacking originality nowadays; if you want something original then piss-off to another site and pretend to be relevant, because we're all happy with the quality that we know and love.