Tracks: Bloody Knees - Bones

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Bloody Knees unveil "Bones" as their contribution to new Art Is Hard split with Birdskulls.


Last month we had Birdskulls' "Alley Gorey" from Art Is Hard's new split 7" and now it's Bloody Knees' turn to drown us out with their latest offering of angry punk-rock in new track "Bones".

Visions of a young Henry Rollins ripping his top off and bouncing off the walls spring to mind with this one. Having said that, drawing Black Flag and Fugazi comparisons is easy to do with this type of thing, so take nothing away from the exhilarating hundred mile-an-hour pace of "Bones" and give thanks to Bloody Knees for soldiering on as our regular supplier of honest aggressive punk – cause there seems to be less-and-less of that these days.

Bloody Knees' split 7" with Bird Skulls is out through Art Is Hard on February 24, grab a copy here and stream "Bones" below.