Tracks: Horsebeach - Faded Eyes

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Manchester's Horsebeach return with a new 7", unveiling the dreamlike "Faded Eyes".


Whoops, this one nearly fell under our radar - what a f**king nightmare that would have been! Horsebeach are to release another staunch 7" this month and this time it's in the shape of "Faded Eyes".

Set for release February 24th, "Faded Eyes" carries on where all their other tracks left off - c86 guitars jangling along without a care in the world. The track's awash with vocalist Ryan Kennedy's melancholic tones as its chimes battle their way through a dense, dream-like haze.

Grab a copy of Horsebeach's "Faded Eyes" 7" over at Piccadilly Records or the band's bandcamp - your choice.