Introducing: Nothing - Dig

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Philly's Nothing bring the thunder on latest track "Dig".


Philadelphia is an absolute hive for under-rated talent and hopefully Nothing don't slip into the realms of unknown, I mean "Dig" isn't exactly something you can miss in a heartbeat, so I'm expecting a bit more to come of this track.

"Dig" is another example, and perhaps a stronger one, of the more powerful end of shoegaze that we heard from Brooklyn band Vivienne Eastwood last week - "powergaze" if you will. "Dig" takes the noise to the next level, forging a brilliant mix of tranquil yet raucous shoegaze. There really is no other way of putting it and if you like your music on the heavier side, then this will do it for you.

"Dig" will feature on the bands debut LP, Guilty of Everything, due out sometime this year.