Introducing: Miserable - Halloween Dream

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Former Whirr vocalist Kristina Esfandiari aka Miserable unveils two new tracks from debut LP Halloween Dream.


Miserable is the new project from former Whirr vocalist Kristina Esfandiari and she's continued with a lot of her former band's shoegaze elements, only with a dark and deceptive twist.

Debut EP Halloween Dream is set for release through The Native Sound on February 18 and it's as the title suggests - hauntingly vivid, but what the title doesn't perhaps tell you, is that it's seems are ready to burst with Esfandiari's powerhouse atmospherics. 

Title track "Halloween Dream" is now the second track to be shared from the extended player, following up "Bell Jar" which offered an unnerving trip from harrowing sparseness, building to a crescendo of rage. "Halloween Dream" builds to rather different crescendo, exchanging rage for a cinematic explosion of anthemic shoegaze - forging beauty from devastation.