Introducing: Gold Spectacles - Steal You Away

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London duo Gold Spectacles unveil "Steal You Away", a debut shrouded in mystery and maybe to some - a boring anonymity. 


Doing a bit of further research on Gold Spectacles it seems there's f**k all out there on them, so they're either inexcusably (it's 2014) computer illiterate or they seem to think the anonymity card is cool - It's not. One thing's for sure, OnTrack Music are breaking their backs to promote them...

Luckily for Gold Spectacles, "Steal You Away" is the best thing I've heard in a week or so. Funnily enough we posted Gardens & Villa's latest album Dunes just before this and if I'm not mistaken, G&V vocalist Christopher Lynch is fronting this debut Gold Spectacles track and if it's not backed by a Local Natives member, I'd be incredibly surprised - well I wouldn't actually, but it does sound very similar. So yeah, I'm opting for that comparison rather than just copying whatever blog posted about this before me or what their Soundcloud has told me.

"Steal You Away" is a smooth and airy slice of melodic indie-pop - the best kind of indie-pop - and it's alluring vocal delivery is encapsulating to the point I'm going to be singing "dusting off my suitcase, facing what's to come...tying up my bootlace..." all day.