Tracks: Childhood - Pinballs

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One of our favourites, Childhood will release latest track "Pinballs" as Speedy Wunderground's final session of 2013.


We're still waiting on a full-length release from Childhood, ever since they first caught our attention over three years ago now, but steady does it and this latest release - part of Speedy Wunderground's six session releases for 2013 - is really special.

Coming in at just short of seven minutes, "Pinballs" is epic to say the least, but we expect the unexpected from Childhood now and this new track is no different. "Pinballs" is a progressively buzzy, fuzz-ball of psychedelic dream-pop and from A to B, it's one hell of a ride!

Listen to "Pinballs" below and grab a copy as of January 13. Keep an eye out for the four-piece next year - like we've said for the past 3 Decembers now.