Video: Best Friends - Nosebleeds

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Sheffield's Best Friends have a new video for "Nosebleeds".

Sheffield's Best Friends have unveiled a new video for their summer anthem, "Nosebleeds" and it's put us on a short but sweet path to enlightenment.

Once again, there's always a story behind why we decide to write a wee bit about a new video; especially when we've already featured the track, so why would we want to go over old ground? Well in Best Friends' case it's simple; the video for "Nosebleeds" begins with a super sweet retro shot of a 90's away 'Boro shirt with Dicken's sponsor and it made us feel all warm inside. It won't make you feel all warm inside and a lot of 'Boro supporters are no doubt feeling anything but warm inside at the minute but "Nosebleeds" may go a way to improve a lot of people's moods this Tuesday morning.

Grab a copy of the "Nosebleeds" double a-side which was released on Art is Hard back in September.