Introducing: Pr0files - Call Yourself A Lover (Free Download)

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Pr0files is the side-project of Baby Monster's Danny Sternbaum and their debut track "Call Yourself A Lover" really caught me by surprise. It's always nice so show a bit of appreciation for something slightly off-kilt from our everyday kind of post.

"Call Yourself A Lover" sees Sternbaum team up with keyboard and vocalist Lauren Pardini who gives the track exactly the kind of feminine chic it needs. More so the vocals work as a powerful yet light coating for the track's dream like electro-pop; giving "Call Yourself A Lover" an almost anthemic edge recalling a far more subtle but just as ear-grabbing "Midnight City" (M83)

Hopefully Pr0files can gain a bit more attention than Baby Monster (thus far) so criminally has. Grab a free download of "Call Yourself A Lover" here.