Tracks: Horsebeach - A Place Like This

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Continually impressed by Mancunian upstarts Horsebeach and their take on surf-pop with a dark undercurrent and new track "A Place Like This" is no different.

Once again, the Smithsonian song-writing and delivery is there for all to see. "A Place Like This" would strike at the heart of the most modest Smiths fan. Leaving that behind to actually focus on the music now; rather than typically squeeze the glistening vibes from beneath it's veil of melancholy, "A Place Like This" switches roles with the melancholy peeking between cracks in it's blissful summer charm. It's surf-pop for the avid music fan.

"A Place Like This" is another notch on their impressive previous material, and a sign of a band who are only getting better and better.