New Music: Blaenavon - Prague

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Hampshire trio Blaenavon have dropped new track "Prague", the first track to come from their upcoming KOSO EP out on Transgressive imprint, ParadYse Records.

It doesn't take a music blogger to tell you these lads sound very, very like The Maccabees now does it. Let's be honest though; there's definitely room out there for more bands taking influence from The Maccabees. I mean there's tons of lad bands desperately trying to recreate Orlando's painstakingly emotive vocals and Felix' infectious guitar riffs, but all too often they're shit. I'm not going to beat around the bush here; there's more shit Maccabees copies than good ones and because Blaenavon are so good - baring in mind their age (17) and talent - they need recognition. So yeah, well done Blaenavon you've done what about 100,000 other lad bands in the country couldn't.

Listen to "Prague" below, you'll get what I'm rambling on about. Pre-order the band's KOSO EP here.