Introducing: Slow Riot - Cooper's Dream

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Twin Peaks references are rife on Limerick three-piece Slow Riot's debut track, "Cooper's Dream".

For info sake, the dwarf from the image is the man from another place who features in FBI agent, Dale Cooper's dream from the end of Twin Peaks season one. If you haven't seen it or aren't very perceptive, I bet your thinking, ahhhhh it all makes sense now.

From this solitary track, Slow Riot produce a kind of mellow Interpol-esque post-punk with some subtle hints of dream-pop. I wouldn't class it as Shoegaze but who knows what else they have in store?
"Cooper's Dream" paints a dark and sobering image as it floats along to the three and a half minute mark; this is when the darkness turns to a distorted guitar riff of pure evil, it's definitely worth the wait. Slow Riot's style befits the Twin Peaks reference and "Cooper's Dream" is as cult sounding as the series turned out.