Tracks: Ariel Pink & Jorge Elbrecht - Hang On to Life / No Real Friend

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In what's now looking like a procession of collaborations, Jorge Elbrecht (Violens) has teamed up with everyones favourite eccentric (Ariel Pink) to produce the split 7″ of "Hang On to Life" and "No Real Friend".

The track, which follows on from Elbrecht's work with San Fran shoegazers Tamaryn and precedes a prospective recording with Chairlift's Caroline Polachek, sees Ariel Pink taking centre stage with Elbrecht chipping in here and there. In Pink's typical lackadaisical style, "Hang On to Life" saunters along at incredibly chilled pace, it's got the same kind of feel as Pink's cover of Donnie & Joe Emmerson's "Baby" and it's undeniably good.

Listen to "No Real Friend" here and grab a copy of the split 7" over at Mexican Summer.