Introducing: Dead Girlfriends - Stop Pretending

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In a turn up for the books, former Elite Gymnastics producer James Brooks has today unveiled new music under his Dead Girlfriends "art project", and to be quite honest it's good news to us as we didn't care too much for the aforementioned duo anyway - plus the new music is a breath of fresh air.

Brooks unveiled a brilliant four-track EP entitled, Stop Pretending, along with a "visual" video for one of the standout tracks "On Fraternity". Title track, "Stop Pretending" isn't too shabby neither and the ten second mark is enough to brighten anyones day. That's not all the track brings to the table though, as between the charming spurts of Gaelic glee, come some downright depressing vocals and as per usual, it works magnificently.

Listen to "Stop Pretending" below and you can also watch the video for "On Fraternity" and if you like what you hear you could even head over to Dead Girlfriends bandcamp and put your money where your mouth is.