Introducing: Bright Future - The Optimist

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bright future the optimist from earth with blood

Bright Future is an electronic, lo-fi bedroom-pop act based in Brooklyn, New York, consisting of Frank Midnite, Artemis Osborn and "The" Nite Thief". No prizes for guessing that these aren't real names.

This track, "The Optimist", features on, From Earth With Blood, one of two upcoming LP releases from Bright Future.

"The Optimist", isn't just your standard slice of DIY bedroom pop. Oh no, it's filled with disco and funky soul elements that only serve to make it even more catchy. Bright Future are bringing electronic space funk to the world for the 2K12 and long may it stay that way.

Stream the full album thanks to Bandcamp, it's like you've just stepped out of reality and into a far more sinister and spaced of remake of Drive.