Tracks: Young Dreams - First Days of Something

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In a quick hat tip to a previous band that are no more, Young Dreams' new song "First Days of Something" sounds remarkably like a reincarnation of Loose Talk Costs Lives.

What now follows is very cliché but there's literally no other way of putting this. "First Days of Something" will put us all in the mood for summer, especially with this dismal weather we are all experiencing in the UK. How many songs have I said that about now? I've lost count, but never-the-less still true.

For a Norweigan band, indie-pop tinged with tropicalia is a bit of a surprise but Young Dreams seem to be onto something and lets hope their upcoming album, Between Places follows suit. Grab a copy via Modular on March 1 (AU) , March 4 (UK) and March 5 (US).