New Material: The Holydrug Couple - Follow Your Way

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Who doesn't love a good solid slice of psychedelic mayhem, I mean didn't Tame Impala top a large proportion of Best Albums of 2012 lists that surfaced last month? Well, The Holydrug Couple are back with new track, "Follow Your Way" and it, well, sounds like Tame Impala.

I'm not grumbling, "Follow Your Way", is a solid gold psych-rock nugget. Whilst utilising a phazer and following a progressive pattern, the track manages to, for the most part, keep hold of a driving edge and without it we would, most likely, find ourselves stuck in a state of hypnosis. "Follow Your Way" is psychedelic rock how it should be, both nostalgic and timeless and long may it remain that way.

The bands new album Noctuary is set for release on Sacred Bones as of January 22, grab a pre-order here.