New Artist: Blaenavon - Into The Night/Denim Patches

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Foals and The Maccabees; a pair of modern day, headline grabbing, guitar bands. Let us now introduce you to Blaenavon, who sound like said bands after shuffling together both decks.

We're not playing Blaenavon down in saying that. Many young, aspiring bands have tried and failed to make the interweaving melody and poly-rhythms of Foals pair with the adulterous croon and melancholic charm of Orlando Weeks. The boys of Blaenavon pull it off and just as impressively, add their own personality to the mix.

Two songs; "Denim Patches" and "Into The Night", one is upbeat, one is downbeat and you can work out which is which, when you listen below. Blaenavon's debut single is due out March 11 and you can pre-order now via ParadYse Records.