New Music: Crushed Beaks - Breakdown

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Crushed Beaks are one of the few bands that 1FTP and friends all agree on. They're pretty great, basically. Following on from their last release - "Grim" - a couple of months back, the duo of Matt Pollie and Alex Morris have announced a new one in "Breakdown".

On first impressions you may think that they have opted for a new, umm, calmer approach, shall we say. With the odd tom tom roll being the only hint at any gritty, raucous adventures. But, "Ahhh ha!" I hear you say, as the 2.10 mark approaches at the drums build with the help of frantic guitars that power the track home. And with that, there you have it. Different, yet somehow still somehow brilliantly familiar.

Hear the single below and grab a physical copy on November 5th via the newly created ASL label.