New Artist: Areca Grove - Colour Test

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A recent name change (from 'Tinman') sees London youngsters Areca Grove put forward their first track to date -  "Colour Test" - and my, what a bright start they've made.

Here's a quote from the folk behind the newly created label Good Oscillations: "I've started my own record & tape label, and was inspired to do so by hearing some music made by a band of teenagers called Areca Grove. Not only are they phenomenal musicians, they are at that exciting and awkward age where every decision is an experiment, and where you are not trapped by your own contrived notions of what you think you're supposed to be doing".

And on first impressions you get to hear why. It's raw, driving jangle-pop with a surprisingly brilliant twist. That said twist comes with the addition of some low swinging, baritone styled vocals, which gives this otherwise sunshine-pop number a dark, engrossing kick in the balls.

50 cassettes will be available to buy from next month, notably at the labels launch party in Dalston, details of which you can find here. Stream the track below.