Introducing: Temples - The Guesser

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Coming from London's varied turf (or there abouts), Temples are, well we're not entirely sure. Anonymity aside, the newcomers have certainly started life in an undaunted, impressive manner, as their latest track "The Guesser" will testify.

Of course, their phasered effects are going to be compared to the likes of Tame Impala, and let's be honest, being compared to a band like that (we like them, a lot) is never going to be a bad thing. Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd, T-Rex and the like are no doubt big influences too. Ultimately though, you get the feeling that Temples neon licks have been unearthed from the 60's golden era and clinically restored in a reinvigorated 2012 carnation.

Hear our fave (and most recent) track "The Guesser" below, catch the band playing The Social in London on September 4th.