New Artist: Sam Flax - Fire Doesn't Burn Itself

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Earlier in the year, Californian newcomer Sam Flax sold out his debut LP (on cassette). Now, if your not familiair with his work, then the lead track from the albums forthcoming release on vinyl - "Fire Doesn't Burn Itself" is going to be the absolute best introduction one could get.

Stacked with a lightening bolt's worth of delicious reverb, "Fire Doesn't Burn Itself" is cocksure statement for such a young, emerging artist. Its riveting mix of swirling 60's psychedelia and gritty, garage rock aesthetic is something that we all should be very, very excited about.

Flax's Age Waves LP is released through The Sweet Sounds Of Nothing in the UK on September 17th. Pre order it here, stream  / watch "Fire Doesn't Burn Itself" below.