Remix: Torches - Sky Blue & Ivory (Shells Remix - Free Download)

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A little while ago we brought you "Sky Blue & Ivory", the stomping new single from London's Torches. Now, they've looked to young producer Shells, aka Khalid Rafique, to give it the remix treatment, and what a mighty fine job he's done.

If you cast your mind back to October 2011, Shells' "Arctic" / "Spiders" release outlined the beautiful, hedonistic tones that he uses to create a fine tuned, almost euphoric atmosphere. We say this a lot, but a good remix keeps elements of the original all the while finding a new direction in which to take the music. Something that can't be stressed highly enough in this case.

Pre-orders of the original can be found here, with the vinyl reaching you on July 23rd. Grab a free download of the remix below.